作品の公募状況について /
About the circumstance of the submitted application



応募出品数  総数90点(国内83点、海外7点)
応募作家数  総数83組(国内77組、海外6組)

1次審査  提出物による書類審査(2016 年 8月頃)
2次審査  面接審査。必要に応じて現地視察(2016年 9 月頃)

※1次審査通過者には、8 月中旬をめどに事務局より連絡します。


2016 年 10 月初旬をめどに、北アルプス国際芸術祭ホームページにて発表します。


We inform about the circumstance of these your applications since we closed on July 15th.

[Results of applications]

Total works: 90 works (83 works from Japan,7 worksfrom abroad)
Total artists: 83 groups(77 groups from Japan, 6 groups from abroad)

[Future schedule]
First: Examination by submitted (around August 2016)
Second: Interview and if necessary, Site Visits (around September 2016)

※ Inform to who passed the first examination from the secretariat around August
※ Inquiries about results for examination will be not responded at all
※ Examination is done by the General Director: Fram Kitagawa

Announcementof result:
The result will be announced in Japan Alps Art Festival official website around October 2016.

Thank you very much for a lot of your entries although it was short term for application.
We are looking forward to meet you all in the Art Festival.