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Art Fest Passport

Sales are currently suspended due to the postponement of the Northern Alps Art Festival 2020. We will announce the details as soon as they are decided.
You can get a refund on the coupon passport you have already purchased, if you would like. Please contact us for details.

Support as a supporter

We are looking for a volunteer supporter participate production of artworks, event operation, reception guidance in duration.

A manual is prepared. You can even participate from the one day. Let's "omotenasshi" for visiters who visited Shinano-omachi.

About "NAAF"

August 21st - October 10th, 2021 (51 days)
Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture
Northern Alps Art Festival executive committee
Executive Chairman:
Ushikoshi Toru(mayor of Omachi)
Honorary Chairman:
Abe Shuichi(Governor of Nagano)
General Director:
Kitagawa Fram
Visual director:
Minagawa Akira
42 works(tentative)
41 groups and individuals from 14 countries and regions(tentative)