Extension of the period of the Northern Alps Art Festival 2020 - 2021

We have made preparations for the North Alps Art Festival 2020 - 2021 which is scheduled from 21st August, 2021. However, with the declaration of a state of emergency and measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus disease, to make sure the safety and security of everyone involved, including visitors, citizens, volunteers, we have decided to extend the period of the festival as follows, after careful consideration of the trends of the government and related organizations, the prospects for the end of the pandemic, the situation of events nationwide, and the vaccination rate in our city area.
We will try our hardest to deliver the best art festival possible under this situation, and your continued support would be much appreciated.

New period of the festival

  • Performance period: 21st August - 3rd October
  • *Only performance events are held
  • Artwork period: 2nd October - 21st November
  • *Art sites are open to the public. Art Fest Passport is available during this period.


藝術家 / 作品


  • 一般:3,000日圓 (預售2,000日圓)
  • 16~18歲:1,500日圓 (預售1,000日圓)
  • 15歲及以下:免費