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Omachi, Nagano Prefecture

The northwest of Nagano Prefecture is located at the foot of the Northern Alps of 3,000m class such as Mt. Kashimayari, Mt. Jiigatake and Mt. Rengedake. Omachi city, that declared the mountain cultural city in 2001, is a gateway of the Kurobe Dam and Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route from the side Nagano Prefecture. And also, it’s very popular for many tourists who climb the Northern Alps. On the other hand, in the 1950s, Omachi city was a base of the Kurobe Dam construction that is said to be a large business of the century. It’s one of the most difficult construction to dig the Omachi tunnel (now Kansai Electric Power tunnel) that is from Omachi city to the Kurobe Dam. Omachi tunnel was the main artery for materials handling. The story became a base for the novel “The sands of Kurobe” as well as movies and dramas.

The North of the city, we have three lakes: Lake Kizaki, Lake Nakatsuna and Lake Aoki. They are called “Nishina-sanko (Nishina-Three Lakes).” In summer, you can enjoy outdoor, fantastic firefly watching cruise on the Lake Aoki and smelt fishing. In addition, the rafting in the Sai River, the natural experience at Omachi and Matsukawa area in Alps Azumino National Government Park and sky in winter. That is why it is the mountain tourist city where you can enjoy throughout the year.

Moreover, we have traditional foods: Soba and Oyaki. We have high quality buckwheat in autumn because of high altitude. And also Ash Grilled Oyaki of Yasaka is made use of the recipe from the old days. They are really popular foods.


Official Travel Guide of Omachi, Nagano, JAPAN

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