/ Maaria Wirkkala [Finland]

マーリア・ヴィルッカラ(Maaria Wirkkala)
1954年フィンランド生まれ / 在住。詩的な情緒を併せ持つ作品で知られ、自然と人間の関係性における考え方など、人々の暮らしの中で息づいてきた記憶や伝説を受け入れる作法を制作の基盤としている。
Born in 1954, based in Finland. She is known for her poetic and emotional style of work. Her production is based on the relationship between nature and people, the method of taking in memories and folklores that has been kept alive in people’s lives.

In this ARTIST LINK, general director Fram Kitagawa interviews the participating artists all around the world. In this session, we have invited Ms.Maaria Wirkkala, who will exhibit her works at Nishina Three Lakes Area.

— こんにちは。
北アルプス国際芸術祭は2度目の参加になりますが、今回の作品はどのようなことを考えて、どんなことを行うのか教えてください。 — Hello.
Today we would like to ask you three questions. One is about your work for Omachi, and the second is your impression on Omachi, and the last is about your life, how you spend your time and what you have thought during this pandemic.
This is your second time participating in the Northern Alps Art Festival. Could you tell us about your project plan for this time and the story behind it?

Hi, welcome to our home, haha.
It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Kitagawa.I learnt from Mr. Kitagawa that each place is the center of this world when I first visited Echigo-Tsumari. This idea has had a great influence on my art production since then.All the places he shows me feel somehow familiar and comfortable to me even though I am just one of the tourists walking through. I believe this is because what is visible there is not just a scenery but local people’s faces and their lives.
The last time at the Northern Alps Art Festival, I made a work “ACT” in the theatre in the forest, which “Echo” was the main theme. It is like I talk to the forest and then the forest talks to me too.
This time I will work on my project at the Lake Nakatsuna, and this place is becoming more and more important to me day by day. Although it is difficult to go visit there now, I am always thinking what if I could go there any time I want, and then what I would do.
I am planning to turn two cottages by the Lake Nakatsuna into my works this year, and my intention is that they imply two opposite elements like birth and death, or love and death.Each element is significant in this work, and I want to value them even like silence, forest, lake, and the pond itself.

Artists’ Breath @MaariaWirkkala (2020/07/15)
延期になった芸術祭の参加アーティストが今どう過ごしているかを届けるインスタグラム企画「Artists’ Breath」へマーリア・ヴィルッカラさんから寄せられた動画
From the following link you can see the video by the artist for Artists’ Breath, an Instagram project which conveys the current situation of the artists who intend to participate in postponed art festivals

  • 市内視察時 / Visited in Omachi
  • 作品イメージ / Work image

— パンデミックの間、どのように過ごし、何を考えていたのかを教えてください。今映像を見ていると、ヴィルッカラさんは非常に元気で若々しく見え、調子が良さそうですね!
— Could you tell us about how have you been spending your time and what have you thought during this time? Looking at you through the screen now, you look so youthful and full of energy!

Thank you, it means a lot! In the pandemic, loneliness and isolation are spreading around the world right now, but it was not really a problem for me because I am used to the loneliness from my childhood. But I thought it was important to catch up with my friends, so I texted my friends too. It is good to see you and know that you are doing well today.

  • Webインタビュー時 / Web talk session

— ヴィルッカラさんも元気ですごくうれしいです。大町に来られることを楽しみにしています。
— I am happy to see you doing great too, I am looking forward to seeing you in Omachi soon.

I can’t wait to go to Omachi again.

— 今日はありがとうございました。
— Thank you for your time today.

仁科三湖エリア (Nishina Three Lakes Area)

Nishina Three Lakes Area, the northern entrance of Omachi city, is located along the trading route called the Salt Road in old times. This area consists of three lakes: The Lake Aoki with the great depth and crystal-clear water, the Lake Nakatsuna that reflects the seasonal scenery on its surface, and the Lake Kizaki where you can enjoy artworks and sports.

中綱湖 (Lake Nakatsuna)

You can enjoy fishing for smelt in the icy winter season. Precious species also inhabit in the water. Warmth and kindness overflows at the local family run lodges, and the slopes of Kashimayari ski resort are right before your eyes. In early May, many photographers gather to take pictures of the large mountain cherry tree’s deep pink blossoms, reflected in the lake.