NEW! Call for Art Proposals JAPAN ALPS ART FESTIVAL 2020

We are looking for art work or creative projects for JAPAN ALPS ART FESTIVAL 2020.

We are looking for art work utilizing the history, culture, nature of the northern Alps foothills (Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture) or creative projects utilizing rich regional resources.

2.Applicant Qualifications
Anyone that understands the objectives of the JAPAN APLS ART FESTIVAL.

Tuesday, June 7,2019 through Friday, July 19,2019

※Applications must arrive by 5pm Japan Time on July 19.
Applications brought in person will not be accepted.

4.Application Procedure
Please prepay the application fee, and submit the documents that are specified in this guideline.
*Updated June 3.
Please make a payment from the link below.

Fram Kitagawa(JAPAN ALPS ART FESTIVAL General Director)make a selection considering the conditions of the venues and the involvements of the residents, the Executive Committee will decide.
The screening results will be announced sequentially after late August 2019.

6.Question and Answers
We cannot respond to any individual inquiries by phone.
Send your questions to the Secretariat by fax, postal mail, or e-mail.
All questions and answers will be uploaded on the official website.
Question Deadlines: Must be received by June 28,2019 → Answers will be posted on July 5,2019
*Updated July 9
We uploaded the answer.
I am sorry that our response was delayed.

Question and answer (En)

7.Contact information
JAPAN ALPS ART FESTIVAL Exective Committee Office
3887 Omachi, Omachi city,Nagano pref., 398-8601 Japan


Call for Art Proposals
Application form
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