Friday,September 13rd,2024 - Monday,November 4th,2024
Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture
Northern Alps Art Festival Executive Committee
Executive Chairman:
Ushikoshi Toru(Mayor of Omachi City)
Honorary Chairman:
Abe Shuichi(Governor of Nagano Prefecture)
General Director:
Kitagawa Fram
Visual Director:
Minagawa Akira


Water, Trees, Earth, Sky

~The land as atmosphere, transparency, and mass~


An overwhelming stream of water surges forth from the mountains of the Northern Alps, shaking each and every sense in our bodies.

Trees-Forest and Plant Life

A rich forest is located on the western rim of the Fossa Magna that divides the Japanese archipelago into east and west. It is home to the “Salt Road” which connects the Shinshu region to the sea, and is a place where the geological features and vegetation of east and west meet.

Earth-The Terrain

Evaporated warm and cold currents are carried by seasonal winds and collide against the Northern Alps. The resulting water falls upon the ground, and together with the forest, nurtures rich soil.


The high, blue skies that the people of Shinano gaze up at throughout their lives. Beyond this cherished land, over the mountains, it connects to the vast world.

Past holding

The first iteration of Northern Alps Art Festival was held in 2017. This was part of a range of activities to build a distinctive community in cooperation with citizens, combining local assets with artistic and cultural creativity to bring out the untapped charms of the place.