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Toshikatsu Endo

He was born in Gifu, Japan, 1950. And he lives in Saitama.
Since the 1970’s, Toshikatsu has presented works focusing on “Circular Ring” and “Hollowness”, using calcined (heavily charred) wood, water, soil, and metal. Inspired by the “Humans & Materials” exhibition (1970), he turned his eye to the imaginariness and fantasy of the primal elements, soil, water, fire, and wind. He pursues the bodily sensation and narrative behind these elements, while pushing forward the physical feel of the material like the so-called “Substance School”.

1990 – 1991: “Primal Spirit, Today’s Molding Spirit”, Hara Museum ARC (Gunma), Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, USA), etc.
1990: “44th Venice Biennale”, Giardini di Castello (Venice, Italy)
1988: “43rd Venice Biennale, Aperto ’88”, Corderie (Venice, Italy)
1987: “Documenta 8”, Fridecianum Art Museum (Kassel, Germany)



Reference: “Trieb – Deluge”, Water & Land Niigata Art Festival 2012