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Nikolay Polissky

1957: Born and lives in Russia.
In 1987, the artist moved to the town of Nikola-Lenivets, where he began creating his works. The large-scale structures are built in cooperation with local residents, using natural materials such as snow, trees, and sticks. Even the end of each structure’s life is considered as part of the work. In 2005, Nikolay created and hosted the “Archstoyanie” (standing architecture) Art Festival becoming known in Russia as a land artist whose works also touch on local mythologies.

2013: “BEAUBOUG”, Nikola–Lenivets (Russia)
2012: “UNIVERSAL MIND”, Nikola-Lenivets (Russia)
2004: “LIGHT HOUSE ON THE UGRA”, Nikola-Lenivets (Russia)
2002: “DROVNIK”, Nikola-Lenivets (Russia)
2000: “HAY TOWER”, Nikola-Lenivets (Russia)
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Reference: “Ivory gate”, Arch Stoyanie 2016, Nikola-Lenivets, Russia, 2016



Reference: “Tung Ho Flowers”
Miaoli Factory, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation, Taiwan, 2016



Reference: “Selpo” (Rural Cooperative Society), Arch Stoyanie 2015
Nikola-Lenivets, Russia, 2016