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James Tapscott

1980: Born and Lives in Australia
James is the founder and creative director of Globelight Inc. He has been working with light as a medium for 10 years and has a growing profile within the creative lighting community, being invited to speak at events around Australia. James has held numerous solo exhibitions of his work throughout Australia and the US and has installed his work in a diverse array of places around the state of Victoria as well as sites in California, New York Portugal and Slovakia. James is currently working on a number of high profile public art commissions in Perth. His work often explores the transmutation of states and the fine line between subjective and objective reality – what is barely possible.

2014, “Globelight”(Melbourne, Australia)
2013, “Biela Noc (White Night)”(Kosice, Slovakia)
2013, “A Momentary Lapse of Darkness”(Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne, Australia)
2011, “Synergy”,(Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney, Australia)
2010, “Illume”,(James Gray Gallery, Los Angeles, USA)


Flow ocean grove

Reference:Flow ocean grove, USA