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The region of headwaters – an area of streams fed by snow-melt from the Japan Alps – provides the ideal location to experience Shinano Omachi’s natural environment. As the doorway to the Kurobe Dam, a major icon of Japan’s post-war construction period, the area receives many visitors. With an abundant water supply, the dam provides flood and irrigation control. It’s a region where nature and civilization intersect.


Nishina Three Lakes

The Nishina Three Lakes lie along the historical route of the Salt Road on Omachi’s northern doorstep. The northernmost lake, Aokiko, is known as Nagano’s deepest and clearest lake. The central lake, Nakatsunako, is famed for stunning reflections throughout the seasons. The southernmost lake, Kizakiko, is a centre for sports, recreation and arts.


Downtown area

Forming the city’s main artery in front of Shinano Omachi Station is hondori street. It was once an area bustling with shops and businesses. But with recent consumer spending geared towards large supermarket chains and the internet, we have come to consider new ways of using this important space. Whether in design, craftsmanship, IT industry, services for the elderly or so on, we’re seeking new initiatives through various art projects to help revitalise and develop the downtown area.


Eastern mountains

Views of the entire city and the Japan Alps can be enjoyed from the peak of Mt. Takagari in Omachi’s east. The city of Omachi lies in a basin between the Japan Alps in the west and the richly wooded slopes of the eastern mountains. Running beneath this area in a north-south line is the Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Fault. Geological and ecological features tend to differ depending their location east or west of this line. The fault, which is used today to mark the border between greater north-east Japan and greater south-west Japan, serves as a vivid reminder of geological rifting in the Japanese archipelago’s past.


Dam area

This area is the gateway to one of Asia’s greatest feats of engineering, the Kurobe Dam. Situated on the alluvial flood plain of the Japan Alps, Omachi City also maintains various others dams in the area, including Omachi Dam in the picturesque Takase Ravine, Nanakura Dam, and Takase Dam.