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Appreciation Passport




Official Goods Designer: Akira Minagawa

 Using natural motifs and textiles that seem to tell stories, Minagawa designs for minä perhonen, a fashion brand that has many fans among women. He also designed the original motif for the Japan Alps Art Festival, and it is used on the official goods.
The motif is inspired by the water, trees, land, and air of Shinano Omachi, and you can feel the warmth in its simplicity. It has become representative of Shinano Omachi as well.
Beginning with T-shirts, we have prepared many goods featuring the motif, such as tenugui cloths and passports. While Mina perhonen fans will want some of these as souvenirs, we recommend these goods as a way to remember your time at the Japan Alps Art Festival.

Akira Minagawa

Born 1967 in Tokyo. Currently resides in Tokyo. Founded his brand minä in 1995 (became minä perhonen in 2003) and started creating clothes from imaginative textiles. His goal is to make designs that people gradually get attached to as time goes by. He creates everyday household items such as furniture, eating utensils and clothes.

2015: “1∞Minakakeru”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo.
2015: “1∞Minakakeru – Past and Future of Mina perhonen”, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum (Nagasaki)
2010: “Mina perhonen – The Future from the Past”, Design Gallery, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan)
2009: “Mina perhonen – Fashion & Design”, Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg (Tilburg, Netherlands)
2002: “Exhibition of Mina’s Works – Particle”, Spiral Garden (Tokyo)