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Art Fest Passport



  • The Art Fest Passport (hereafter, Passport) allows visitors to view all works presented under the “Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 – Shinano-Omachi Food & Art Corridor –”, except for some events or art works displayed in facilities that require a separate admission.

  • The Passport is only valid for one visit per art site. Please purchase an individual admission ticket for multiple visits. (The Passport offers a discount)

Additional benefits of the Art Fest Passport
・Discount admission by 100 yen is available for multiple visits with a Passort (except for some works).
・The events that require admission offer discount for Passport holders.
・Other benefits are available at hot springs or experience facilities in Omachi city for Passport holders.


Only on the day, only one Artwork views valid



“Art Site Day Ticket” is a ticket that you can see only one artwork on the day. We sell at each art site reception.

To see the artwork you saw using Art Fest Passport, you need “Art sate day ticket”. If you show art festival passport at the Artwork reception, art site day ticket is 100 yen discount (except for some works) .


Ticket office In Shinano-omachi

Shinano-omachi Sta Information Center

Lake Kizaki Information Center

Omachi Onsenkyou Information Center