Art Fest Passport


Classifications Same-day ticket Advance Ticket
Adult 2,500 yen 2,000 yen
High school student 1,500 yen 1,000 yen
Free for junior high school students (15 years)and younger.15 years and younger can receive a free stamp collectiong card
(Junior high school student need student ID.) at the Information Center during the exhibition.

How to buy

On line (Web) sales voucher

In web sales, it will be sold as a voucher.

In the case of use, Please exchange you to the real tickets At the NAAF Shinano-omachi Sta Information Center.

Web sales are currently suspended due to the postponement of the Northern Alps Art Festival 2020.Sales will resume as soon as the duration of Northern Alps Art Festival 2020 is determined.

High school students need a student ID when redeeming.

Sales location

  • NAAF Shinano-omachi Sta Information Center(8:30〜17:15)

alid period of passports for viewing works

Valid during the exhibition

Viewing time

- *aries depending on facility and Event

How to Use

  • The Art Fest Passport allows visitors to enjoy all works presented under the “Northern Alps Art Festival 2020”, except for some events or art works displayed in facilities that require a separate fee.
  • Only one person per ticket, and only once per work.
  • Discount admission by 100 yen is available for multiple visits with a Passort (except for some works).

Art Site Day Ticket

300 yen each

Even if you do not have a work Art Fest Passport, you can enjoy works individually.


  • The events that require admission offer discount for Passport holders.
    Other benefits are available at hot springs or experience facilities in Omachi city.