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Yusuke Asai

Born 1981 in Tokyo. Currently resides in Tokyo.
Painter. Using whatever is at hand, such as tape, pens, dirt, dust, leaves, white paint for road marking, and other materials, and not limiting himself to canvases, he also has used sugar cube wrapping paper and paper napkins for drawings, or mud and white road markings for his large-scale murals and geoglyph series. This artist works with all places to create uninhibited pictures.

2016: Setouchi Triennale 2016 (Inujima, Okayama)
2015: “Yusuke Asai – Seed of Painting, Journey of Soil”, Hakone Open-air Museum (Kanagawa)
2015: Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2015, (Tokamachi, Niigata) 
2014: “yamatane”, Rice University Art Gallery (USA)
2011: “MOT Collection – Yusuke Arai Special Exhibition”, solo exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Tokyo)


Reference: “The Beast That Ate the Seed 2014” photo by Kineta Kunimatsu