Takashi Kuribayashi

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Takashi Kuribayashi

Born 1968 in Nagasaki, Japan
After graduating from university, Takashi studied in Germany, completing a master’s program at Düsseldorf Academy of Art in 2002. He creates works on the theme of “boundary”, consistently expressing the relationship between humans and nature. Combining natural materials such as plants, soil, and water, he creates large-scale installations of mountain and water scenes.

2015: Spectrum – Spiral Garden 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Tokyo
2014: Ichihara Art x Mix, Chiba
2012: Towada Art Center, Aomori
2010: “Sensing Nature” Exhibition, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
2006: Singapore Biennale, Singapore



《Woikenmeer》 Towada Art Center
photo: Kuniya Oyamada



《Principal office》  Ichihara Art × mix