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おおたか静流 with 藤本隆行 Sizzle Ohtaka with Takayuki Fujimoto

Sizzle Ohtaka

Born and currently resides in Tokyo. Freely commanding a colorful voice, this fusion singer and voice artist defies genres. She has released 22 original albums, and continued to cross boundaries as an artist, singing hundreds of songs used for television commercials, starring in movies, collaborated in art, recitals, and dance. She has supervised “Koe no O-ekaki Kyoshitsu”, and is a regular on NHK’s “Nihongo de Asobo” program.


Takayuki Fujimoto

Director for Kinsei R&D, and lighting designer. As a member of the artist group “dumb type”, he mainly heads the lighting and technical management. In 2007, aside from the group activities, he released an organic stage performance named “True / Honto no koto”, which focused on the synchronization of digital equipment and human bodies based on his reflections about the human brain. Recently, he has been active in such areas like adding LED lighting to classical Noh performances, as well as widening his experience at home and abroad, doing everything from performance direction to lighting design.

Main Public Performances
2016: “Darkness Art Museum”, Ichihara Lakeside Museum (Chiba)
2013: “Under the Camphor Tree”, Tokushima LED Art Festival (Tokushima)
2013: Minamata Art Meeting (Kumamoto)


Reference:”Darkness Art Museum”, Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Reference:”Darkness Art Museum”, Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Reference:《Under the Camphor Tree》, Tokushima LED Art Festival