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Samon Aoshima

He was born in Shizuoka, Japan, 1980. And he lives in Omachi.
Exploring ways of creating harmony between nature and civilization through various means of expression such as sculpture, painting, conceptual art, performance art, picture books, and more.
Pursuing the question of “What is Life?” based on the reality of “Existence”. In this project, LEDs are used to illuminate floral arrangements, developing works that organically transform the color of light.

2016: Solo Exhibition “Swaying Flowers in the Spring Evenings” (Shiga Kogen Roman Museum, Nagano)
2014: “Food & Art Corridor” (Omachi)
2014: Solo Exhibition “Howahowa” (Wakayama Art Museum, Tokyo)
2010: Set design of mythological dance performance “Moon of the Ancient Nights” by Image Opera  (Hamamatsu Castle, funded by the Agency for Cultural Affairs)
2007 / 2008: Japan-Korea Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition (Yokohama, Seoul)



Reference: “Leaves” made from Qingtian stone, Private Collection, 2005


Reference: “River & River” , Shinano-Omachi Food & Art Corridor, 2014