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Mari Minato

She was born in Kyoto, Japan, 1981. And she Lives in Paris.
Mari’s work features quickly made brush strokes in vivid colors. Although they may appear to be abstracts, they are in fact produced from detailed observations and elaborate research of actual local landscapes drawn out in a sketchbook. Another characteristic is that her works do not fit a traditional tableau, and are instead created using the space itself, sometimes painted directly on the walls.

2016: “Space Parts”, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery (New York, America)
2015: “Parcelles d’espaces”, Galerie Richard (Paris, France)
2015: “Mari Minato”, presented by Gilles Fuchs, Premier Regard gallery (Paris, France)
2013: “Furumaï-Modèle”, Ota Fine Arts Gallery (Tokyo)
2012: “Little Fukushima”, Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, France)
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Reference:“Untitled (Gaulian Culture Series)”, 2014, ©Mari Minato
Photo: Fabrice Gousset