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Born in 1954, Helsinki / Finland.
Maaria is known for works that possess poetic emotion. Inheriting a philosophy on the relationship between humans and nature, her creative activities are based around the way in which tradition both struggles against and co-exists with vast nature, and how this forms the foundation for the creation of memories and legends that live on in people’s lives.

2015: Proportio, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice
2014: Open Situation, solo exhibition, Helsinki Art Museum
2003 – 2012: ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART FIELD, Tokamachi, Niigata, Japan
Venice Biennale 3 times – 1995, 2001 (Plateau of Humankind), 2007
Istanbul Biennale twice 1995, 1997, Istanbul Biennale, Turkey



Reference:《Intervals》 Water & Earth Art Festival 2009
Photo: Osamu Nakamura


Reference:《Solitude in Stability》 ARS 06 Kiasma Museum of Contemporaray Art, Helsinki 2006 
Photo: S. Viika