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Lee, Kuei-Chih

Born & lives in Taiwan
Lee, Kuei-Chih explores the relationship between man, nature (existence), and environment (place), creating outdoor installations using local materials in order to explore a harmonious coexistence and dialogue with the environment. Believing that real relationships are found in nature and that physical labor and a dialogue with nature can bring about awareness of the inner soul.

2016: “Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival” (Nagano)
2016: “Songshan Bamboo Meander”, North Coast Art Field 2016 (Taipei, Taiwan)
2016: “Gangwon Art Habitat”, 2016 Young Artists’ Gangwon Environment Installation Art Exhibition (Busan, Korea)
2015: “Xiluo Art habitat”, Xiluo Contemporary Art Festival 2016 (Yunlin, Taiwan)


Reference:“Ripple Drama”, Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2016 (Nagano)


Reference:《Songshan Bamboo meander》North Coast Art Field 2016, (Taiwan)


Reference:《Tide Whisper》2015 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival “A Tribute to Tides”, (Taiwan)