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1979: Born and lives in Osaka, japan.
Artist. Began his artistic activities as a painter in 1999. From 2006, he spent 6 years remaking an entire house to create the “Self House”, and created a new festival, the “Self Festival” in Osaka’s Shinsekai district. He is also involved in efforts to spread ‘wrong sumo’ widely across India.

2015: Music Video Director; Natsume Mito’s “I Cut My Fringe Too Short (Daruma Version)”
2014: Teaching Indian people “Wrong Sumo” (Varanasi, India)
2013: Festival for our great thanks to the Sun “1,000 People Drum” Watchtower Construction (Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, Osaka)
2012: Launched and held “Self Festival” 6 times in 6 months (Shinsekai Market, Osaka etc.)
2012: Opening of “Self House” (A house in Suminoe Ward, Osaka)
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Reference: “Self Festival”, Osaka & other, 2012〜


Reference: “Self House”, Osaka, 2012