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Kim Itoh

Since 1987, studied under dancer Anzu Furukawa. In 1995, formed “Kim Ito + Into the Light”. Trained young dancers, created works with middle and high school students, and produced “Oyaji Cafes” in Japan and abroad, where older men dance and wait tables. In 2015, founded the new dance company “GERO”, and resumed production activities after a 10-year period.

2014: Directed a parade for “Roppongi Art Night 2014”
2013: Produced, choreographed, starred in, and toured with “Honnoji no D”, celebrating the 600-year anniversary of the founding of Honnoji, Kyoto.
2008: Honorable Mention, Yokohama City Cultural Awards
2005: General production of a parade with 2000 participants at the 2005 World Exposition (Nagoya, Japan)
2002: Shuji Terayama Award from the Asahi Performing Art Awards
1996: Bagnolet International Choreography Award, France

Reference: (Left)《Fierce Garden》, photo by Awane Osamu / (Right)《Dancing to the Radio》, Photo by Oguma Sakae