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Kenshu Shintsubo + Takashi Ikegami

Kenshu Shintsubo:  He was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1968. And he lives in Tokyo.
Photographer. Principle collections include “\Landscape” (Kadokawa Shoten) and “Memories” (FOIL), etc.
Related Publications: “Chernobyl Dark Tourism Guide” (Genron), “Architecture & Photography of the Present” (TN Probe), etc.

Takashi Ikegami: He was born in Nagano, Japan, in 1961. And he lives in Tokyo.
In addition to his role as a professor in the Department of General Systems Studies at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, he conducts research into artificial life and complex systems, and is actively engaged in activities linking the fields of art and science.

2015: Agency for Cultural Affairs Overseas Media Arts Festival Participating Project Exhibition “Cryptobiosis: Seeds of the World”, ELASAR SUNARYO Art Space, Bandung
2014: “MTMDF” (e-book, published by HAKUHODO DESIGN)
2011: “Media Arts Festival Dortmund Exhibition 2011”, Dortmund U, Dortmund
2010: “MTM”, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media
2010: “Rugged TimeScape”, FOIL gallery, Tokyo


Reference:“Long Good-bye”, 2016
Kenshu Shintsubo + Takashi Ikegami


Reference:“Rugged TimeScape”, 2010
Kenshu Shintsubo + Takashi Ikegami