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Keizaburo Okamura

Born 1958 in Tokyo. Currently resides in Saitama.
Okamura burns wooden panels once, draws on them with rock paints, scrapes out an image on the surface. His main themes range from birds and elephants, to imaginary creatures such as Garuda, from Hindu mythology. This time, his latest works are planned to focus on dragons.

2006: Solo exhibition, Sato Museum of Art Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation, (Tokyo)
2008: Solo exhibition, Museum of Modern Art Kamakura & Hayama (Kanagawa)
2015: Solo exhibition, Fuku Akino Art Museum (Shizuoka)
2004: Awarded the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, New Artist, Japan
2008: 4th Annual Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Nikkei Japanese Painting Award


Reference:”Ryo-o 11-1″, “Jishinryu 11-1”, “Gokuryu 11-1” (from left to right), Kobayashi Gallery, 2011

Reference:”Garuda 07-9″ Solo exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama, 2008