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Yasuaki Igarashi

1978: Born and lives in Chiba, Japan.
Through collaboration with other people, Yasuaki has conducted expressive activities with the aim of changing various local landscapes. “The Perspective From the Sea” forms the basis of his work and was developed during a 4,000-km yacht journey from Japan to Micronesia that he made in 2005.

2016: “TURN Fes” (Tokyo); “TURN in BRAZIL” (Brazil)
2013 / 2016: “Setouchi Triennale” (Kagawa)
2013 – 2016: “Akasaki Wednesday Post Office” (Kumamoto)
2012 – 2015: “Art Support Tohoku-Tokyo” (Kamaishi, Shiogama, Matsushima, Tagajo)
2010 – 2016: “Kusukaki” (Fukuoka)
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Reference: “Sky Net” Setouchi Triennale 2016
Photo: Yasuaki Igarashi