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Haruki Takahashi

1971: Born and Lives in Kanazawa, Japan.
Haruki feels the existence of life in the “transience and robustness” of the porcelain he produces. Assimilating the landscape before the eyes and the form of the porcelain, it is possible to express the beauty that is visible from the other side of “the reality that embraces life”. Vines crafted from Kutani porcelain spread up and down, left and right, dynamically wrapping the venue, and imparting a feeling of energy and vitality.

2014: Shinano-Omachi Food & Art Corridor (Nagano)
2012 / 2013: “Beauty of Crafts × Excitement of Art” (Shiga, Gifu, Hyogo)
2010: “Setouchi Triennale 2010”, Ogi Island (Kagawa)
2009 / 2012 / 2015: “Earth Art Festival – Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale” (Nigata)
2008: “Kanazawa Art Platform” (Ishikawa)
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Reference: “Habitat of Water”, Shinano-Omachi Food & Art Corridor, 2014