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Goro Hirata

Born 1965 in Tokyo / Lives and works in Ibaraki, Japan
In 1990, Goro produced a work named “Mind Space”, by digging a deep narrow hole to build a room with white walls crafted from paraffin wax. He creates works on the theme of building psychologically personal rooms or spaces. He also walks alone, creating small sculptures in the field at locations such as frozen lakes, deserts, the mangrove forests of Iriomote Island, the Himalayas, and the coastal regions of Southeast Alaska (2005).

2014: “Food & Art Corridor 2014”, Omachi, Nagano, Japan
2013: Aichi Triennale, Aichi, Japan
2002: “Temporary Existence”, Ex Teresa National Center for Contemporary Art, Mexico City
2005 – 2016: “Inside Passage, The Raven Steals the Light”, Gallery A⁴ Tokyo, Gallery 604 Busan, “Roots & Routes” Exhibition at Aomori Museum of Art, etc.
1999: “Asia’s New Installations”, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA


Reference: 《Inside Passage – The Raven Steals the Light》 Alaska