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Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garrett

Caitlind R.C. Brown: Born 1988 in Calgary, Canada, where she lives today.
Wayne Garret: Born 1984 in Calgary, Canada, where he lives today.

Working on transformative outdoor sculptures and installations based on the diverse aesthetic of viewers and the social background of the site. By using new work materials against the locations where their works are placed, they create art that the viewer wants to experience, making viewers feel not only the relationship between place and time, but also between people and modern technological innovation.

2016: “The Deep Dark [through]”, SPRING/BREAK, Moynihan Station (New York, USA)
2015: “sea/see/saw”, Pera Museum (Istanbul, Turkey)
2015: “SOLAR FLARE”, Sun Light/Star Light, Louisiana Art & Science Museum (Baton Rouge, USA)
2014: “NEW MOON”, Lexington Art League (Lexington, USA)
2013: “CLOUD”, Art Experiment 2013, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (Moscow, Russia)
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Reference:《CLOUD》Nuit Blanche,Calgary,Canada,2012
Photo:Doug Wong