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Art Project Kiryu-bu (airflow club)

Leading Artist: Shinji Morino (born 1970, living in Kyoto, Japan)
Focusing on the creation of three dimensional, installation style works with motifs of wind and air, the “Kiryu-bu” creative space art project was launched nationwide, its value multiplying through its activities. Working together with the performer CHIBI-GUTS as a project member.

2016: “The Great Wind Athletic Meet 2016 Fall” Japan Alps Art Festival, pre-event. (Omachi, Nagano)
2016: ‘ART1~Stepping into the Fresh snow’ in ART COURT GALLERY (Osaka)
2016: “Art Children” Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center[enoco](Osaka)
2015: “ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART FIELD 2015” Tokamachi, Niigata, Japan
2014: “Every Place is the Center of the World 1/100,000 Tsumari” Echigo Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art (Niigata)
2013: “Tokushima LED Art Festival 2013” (Tokushima)
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Reference: ”RELATIONAL AIR”, Japan Alps Art Festival Pre-event, 2016


Reference: “Satoyama Kiryudama 2015”, ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART FIELD 2015