Japan Alps Art Festival Shinano Omachi Food and Art Corridor 2017


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The city of Omachi, located in north-western Nagano Prefecture on the northern edge of the Matsumoto plain, was originally a prosperous post town on the Salt Road of the Chikuni route. With the current population standing at 28 000 people, Omachi’s borders stretch from Mt. Goryu in the north to Mt. Yari in the south – an area of 565km2. Nestled at the foot of the 3000-metre class Japan Alps, the city is blessed with seasonal scenery, clean air and pure melt-water. The township itself lies at an elevation of 700m and experiences a typical inland climate. The city is favoured with a wealth hot springs, and is known for its dams and the picturesque Nishina Three Lakes reflecting the Alps. However, in recent years an aging society and depopulation have emerged as serious problems for the city – serious enough that the Japan Policy Council designated Omachi as a city in danger of disappearing.

Amidst a wave of globalisation, in world faced with environmental crises and a myriad of problems posed by modern capitalism, we would like to welcome the projects of artists and creators who possess the innovative and creative energy to help revitalize the community and showcase our region’s unique resources.


‘Food and Art’

Food forms the basis of humankind’s deepest connection with the land. Food also provides the greatest indicator of the richness of the land. In areas poor in natural wealth, humans have developed innovative methods of food cultivation. This could be regarded as an everyday art-form characteristic of the region.

Both domestically and internationally, we’d like to present ‘Food and Art’ and all of its entailed meanings – experience of local culture, hospitality, events – as a combined ‘festival’ celebrating all of Omachi.。

‘Water and Art’

With the turning of the season, water flowing from the snow-capped peaks of the Japan Alps brings a profusion of plant life to the area. Situated on the alluvial plain of the Alps’ cool, clean melt-waters, Omachi is a town born of water. Humans, like water – the root of life – can flow guided by art. Our program offers the chance to explore these roots.

Area Overview

① Headwaters
② Nishina Three Lakes
③ Downtown area
④ Eastern mountains
⑤ Dam area


Application Guidelines

Entry Requirements

Applicants are invited to submit plans for works of art that are inspired by the history, culture or natural environment of the Japan Alps region (Omachi City, Nagano), or creative projects that utilise the region’s rich materials and resources.
※Proposals for actual installations or works at specific locations will be regulated by the committee.

About Art Festival

Applicant Requirements

  • Persons who possess an understanding of the goals and aims of the Japan Alps Art Festival
  • Persons who are willing to reside for a period of time on-site and cooperate with locals in developing projects
  • Persons who are capable of both working independently and engaging in creative community-driven projects

Submission Dates

May 20, 2016 (Fri) ~ July 15 (Fri), 6pm deadline.

Successful Entries

Approximately 5 applicants will be selected (the number of successful applications may vary depending on circumstances)

How to Apply

Documents that meet the selection criteria should be posted to the address below.

To Japan Alps Art Festival office
3887 Omachi, Omachi City, Nagano-ken

Application Guide


・Application form: attached to front page.
Download application form here (PDF /Word )

・Project / work proposal.
Include the following details: title of work, concept/theme, content, method of construction, materials, size, production schedule, budget estimation, drawings / sketches / models / photographs or other representations that clearly show the project.
※The theme and content should be explained concisely in English or Japanese. Use approximately 400 Japanese characters, or approximately half of an A4 sheet of paper in English.

・Resume / examples of past works that can be used as a reference for the project.
※Format: documents from ②~③ should be grouped together, no greater than A3 size, no more than 10 sheets of paper and joined with a clip or staple. Files and panels will not be accepted.

・A copy of the entry fee receipt.
Overseas applicants:credit card payment via internet.

・Digital data of documents①~③. Data should be compiled on CD in PDF, JPEG, or MS Office (Word or PowerPoint) format.
※Once submitted documents and materials cannot be returned. Only applications made in Japanese or English will be accepted.

■Handling of submissions

Submissions cannot be returned. The committee is entrusted with the decision to preserve or dispose of submissions.

■Entry fee

An entry fee of 1000 yen per proposal applies.
Residents of Japan may make a money transfer to the account listed below (applicants bear responsibility for transfer fees)
※In the event that the applicant’s name differs from the account name be sure to make a note on the application form.
The Hachijuni Bank Omachi Branch:Futsu 822419 Japan Alps Art Festival Executive Committee

●Overseas applicants:credit card payment via internet.
After the application has been accepted, We will send you an e-mail for the payment from Art Front gallery corporation, ( which is the Tokyo office of Japan alps art festival.

■Screening Panel

Projects will be screened by Mr. Fram Kitagawa (Coordinating Director of the Japan Alps Art Festival)

■Screening Timeline

Initial screening of entries will take place in August 2016.
Secondary screenings will take place in the form of an on-site interview in September 2016.
※Applicants who pass the initial screening stage will be contacted by the committee during mid-August.
※Please be aware that no enquiries regarding the selection results will be accepted.

■Result announcement

Results will be publicised on the Japan Alps Art Festival homepage in the beginning of October.


Successful entries in the Japan Alps Art Festival / Shinano Omachi Food and Art Corridor will receive up to 2 million yen in assistance with production costs of the chosen project.
※The final amount will be determined after evaluation of the submitted budget estimate.


Rights of project plans are reserved by the applicant.
The committee reserves the right to use project drawings and plan photos within Japan Alps Art Festival guidebooks, pamphlets, documents and printed manner, Japan Alps Art Festival homepage, press releases, and publicity materials that the executive committee deems necessary without paying compensation.


・Forward enquiries by FAX, post, or e-mail to the committee office.
・Frequently asked questions will be posted on the official website of Japan Alps Art Festival.
・ Enquiries will be accepted up until June 20th 2016 (Mon).
・Answers will be posted at the end of June.
※Please be aware that we are unable to receive enquiries by phone.
※Information distributed during the on-site tour and a record of the question and answer session will be made available on the Japan Alps Art Festival webpage.
※Enquiries in Japanese or English will be accepted.

Contact Information

Forward applications and enquiries to: 3887 Omachi, Omachi City, Nagano-ken 〒398-8601
Phone: 0261-22-0420 FAX:0261-23-4304