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Omachi city is located in the northwest of Nagano prefecture, between the Matsumoto plain and Hakuba lies the city of Omachi. 3000m high mountains of the Northern Alps lining the west of Omachi give rise to its reputation as “Entrance of Japan Alps”. The city’s elevation is about 700m above sea level. With 3 natural “Nishina Lakes” reflecting the mountains, an artificial lake created by Kurobe Dam, and blessed with an abundance of hot springs, Omachi is also known as the entrance to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

In Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 -Shinano-Omachi Food and Art corridor-, we welcome Fram Kitagawa as the art director and create the chance to share the fascination of local resources through Food and Art.


Name:  Japan Alps Art Festival2017 -Shinano-Omachi Food and Art corridor

Date:  from 4th June to 30th July 2017 (57days)

Organizer:  Japan Alps art festival executive committee

Honorary Chairman:  Syuichi Abe(Governor of Nagano Prefecture)

Executive Chairman:  Toru Ushikoshi(mayor of Omachi) >Message from Exective Cheirman

Director:  Fram Kitagawa >Message from Director

Place:  Headwaters / Nishina Three Lakes / Downtown area / Eastern mountains / Dam area    <more>

Number of work:  about 30 – 40