国際芸術祭概要  ABOUT


北アルプス国際芸術祭2017 ~信濃大町 食とアートの廻廊~  とは

北アルプス国際芸術祭2017 ~信濃大町 食とアートの廻廊~ は、長野県大町市を中心に2017年の開催を計画している国際アートフェスティバルです。


「北アルプス国際芸術祭2017 ~信濃大町 食とアートの廻廊~」は、総合ディレクターに北川フラム氏を迎え、土地固有の生活文化を表現する「食」と、地域の魅力を再発見する「アート」の力によって、北アルプス山麓の地域資源を世界へ発信することを目指します。

What is Japan Alps art festival in Shinano Omachi

We welcome a director Fram Kitagawa known as the director of Echigo-Tsumari field art festival or Setouchi international art festival, and aim to promote our regional resources all over the world using the power of [food] and [art].


‘Food and Art’

Food forms the basis of humankind’s deepest connection with the land. Food also provides the greatest indicator of the richness of the land. In areas poor in natural wealth, humans have developed innovative methods of food cultivation. This could be regarded as an everyday art-form characteristic of the region.

Both domestically and internationally, we’d like to present ‘Food and Art’ and all of its entailed meanings – experience of local culture, hospitality, events – as a combined ‘festival’ celebrating all of Omachi.


‘Water and Art’

With the turning of the season, water flowing from the snow-capped peaks of the Japan Alps brings a profusion of plant life to the area. Situated on the alluvial plain of the Alps’ cool, clean melt-waters, Omachi is a town born of water. Humans, like water – the root of life – can flow guided by art. Our program offers the chance to explore these roots.


会場 Place

長野県大町市全域  Omachi city Nagano prefecture


作品・プロジェクト数 number of work

約30点  about 30


会期 date

2017年6月4日(日)~7月30日(日) 57日間

from 4th June to 30th July 2017 (57days)


主催 organizer


Japan Alps art festival executive committee


実行委員長 Executive Chairman

牛越 徹 (大町市長)

Toru Ushikoshi(mayor of Omachi)


総合ディレクター Director

北川フラム  Fram Kitagawa