Answer a question about Application Guidelines

About budget

Q.The subsidy the production costs is less than 2,000,000 yen. Is it any problem that the production costs include other subsidizes and contribution from companies?

A.It is possible that the artists ensure other financial resources by themselves. However, as for the subsidy, we have to take proper measures in accordance with a summary of essential points. It will be necessary to various adjustment. 
Please let me know beforehand it.

Q.Does it mean that the production costs are included transportation costs and lodging charges?

A.Yes, it does.

For About the documents

Q.May I submit my document by E-mail?

A.Yes. Please send it by the deadline.

Q.If I would like to submit more than one proposal, do I need to pay the exhibition fee for each of the proposal?

A.Yes, you do. In addition, you could pay for your exhibition fee in all in one lump sum.

Q.If I would like to submit some proposals, do I have to submit less than 10 sheets of paper in all?

A.Yes. It must be less than 10 sheets of paper in all and used A3 size for each proposal. When you submit, please staple papers together.

To applicants

Q.Is it possible to participate in the group? In that case, do we have to put down every member’s name? If we can’t write all of them, do we need to write on another sheet?

A.You have the space for writing the member’s name on the application form. (You also have the space for writing group’s name.) If you have too many members to write on a sheet, write on another sheet, please.
In addition, qualification is shown in the guidelines for applicants.

About proposals and production location

Q.I would like to consider the work of art plan in a vacant house. May I get the concrete information about it in advance?

A.No, you can’t. We don’t limit the concrete equipment and places. After we got your applications, we are going to adjust and decide the places with equipment, artists and inhabitants.

Q.Could you mediate a staying place temporarily while we produce a work?

A.Yes, we are going to introduce you.

A deadline of Application is 18:00 Friday July 15.
After also considering the above mentioned question answer,
please prepare for work plan presentation documents.